It's been a while

Time to blow the dust off from this one... ;)

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Hey nice to see an update ! Curious to see how the game's gonna evolve since the jam version :)

It was my first jam game, so this is a special one for me. :)
I had a lot of ideas, that I couldn't  execute that time, because of my lack of knowledge, but I did a lot of research since that (procedural dungeons, character customization, inventory, shaders, etc). I'm so excited to continue working on (well, actually, to reboot) this game.


Cool ! procedural stuff can work well with this type of games ^^

Yeah, I remember I spent like an hour to make that one dungeon in the jam version, and now I can generate one with a single click. :D


Well generating in a single click sure is gonna help you gain some time :p been in level design hell recently especially since i didn't even try auto tile untill after having to design levels for a project. Still have no idea how anything procedural can work though XD seen a bunch of tutorials and it seems a bit beyond my level for now, so good on you that you know how to do this ^^


Well, it's still just basic stuff, not like No Man's Sky... :D

I'm following this tutorial by HeartBeast, and this one by GDQuest. Generating the levels isn't the hardest part, that's adding the doors and keys and enemies in a way that makes sense - I'm still struggling with this one... :D