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Have you ever wanted to be a fish? I know, you do. In this game you can finally achieve this lifelong dream of yours by becoming (a poorly drawn) one. Sounds amazing? I know.

  • But Philippe, ¿what is this game even about? - you might ask.
  •  Well, first, my name is not Philippe, I don't even know where did it come from, but to answer your question my friend, you need to go as deep in the well as you can, without dying. Also, you need to go as fast as you can to achieve a highscore while avoiding the lasers and making sure you don't fall too big.

  •  Wow, that sounds like a life changing experience, how can I do that?
  •  By tilting the phone left or right you can steer the fish to those directions. And the best part: you can draw platforms with your very own fingers (or nose, I'm not judging) by tapping and dragging on the screen so you (as the fish) can land safely.

  • Thank you Philippe, I'm already very interested, but is there anything else I should know?
  • Seriously, who is Philippe? Ah... nevermind... anyway, there are some Achievements in the game to unlock, and there is a neat little Leaderboard to show off your Highscore to your pet mandarin duck.

  • One last question, how does the fish survive without water?
  • Well, I mean, it can create platforms out of thin air, I'm pretty sure it can manage breathing as well. Somehow. I don't know. Ask Philippe.

  • Who is Philippe?
  • ...

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