Kitchen Upgrade!

Many things changed since the last update. The most obvious one is that the arena starts to look like a kitchen now. It's the first version of it, many things are missing, and the graphics are mainly placeholders, but, hey, it's something! :D
There is a little extra there, the kitchen is kinda random generated. At this stage it's not very obvious, but you will see, that it is a bit different every time, when you start the game. This part of the development is quite fun, but also need a lot of work.

In other news, the potatoes are now colour coded, and called Potatoe (yes, with an "e") instead of Player. They also got some new animations, refined jump mechanism (now the jump height depends on how long are you holding the button), and I tweaked the particles a bit as well.

That's it for today, as always, all feedback are very appreciated, either here or on my twitter page (@sztrovacsek92). Bye!

P.S.: I opened a Ko-fi page, if you like my project, please consider to support me:  Thank you! ❤️


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Oct 04, 2019

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