It's cancelledn't!

Yes, I can totally English.

So, it's been 3 years since the last release, huh? Many things happened since that, but long story short, I'm working on this game again.
Well, more precisely, I remade the whole thing in Godot 4 from scratch. I learned many things, since I started this project in 2019, so this time I'm using a more pre-planned approach (with version control), and a friend helps making the graphics, and another takes care of the music, so I can focus more on the coding.

I ported most of the features from the original:

  • deathmatch: 2-4 players can play (1 keyboard + 3 controllers)
  • dynamic camera: the camera automatically zooms in and out and follows the players on the screen
  • if the ammo pick up is out of the screen, an arrow appears around the players, pointing in it's direction
  • character editor: selectable hair/hat or mouth, and naming of the character
  • localisation support
  • HUD: showing the player's name, health, kill count, death count and amount of ammo

There are also some new features:

  • a basic bot, that helps to test the game, even if I can't find other players (plays way better than me, needs to be nerfed)
  • revamped notifications: there was a similar system in a very early version of the original, but I discarded it later, now it's back, it shows who killed who (whom?) and when, also displays the names with colour

It's good to work on this project again, I'll show videos soon!

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