Game cancelled?

I have to admit, that this game is more than I can handle alone right now. It's been a long time since I made the last update. I started it over from (almost) scratch at least 2 times, I also wanted to add online multiplayer, but it's still beyond my knowledge.

I don't know if I ever will continue this project,* but if I do, that won't be in the near future. For now, I removed the game files from the page, because I plan to make a last update for it. 

Overall, I have no regrets, I still learned a lot, and got a lot of feedback, so thanks for everyone who helped in any way! :)

*However, I quite like the characters and weapons, so it might be possibble, that they will return in a totally different kind of game... ;)


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well sometimes it's best to put a project aside, i can't even imagine how complex trying multiplayer could be so can't blame you XD

Also cool that you decided to keep elements to revamp them for a future project you could always make a singleplayer or local coop game with these potatoes down the line :)

Yeah, I had an interesting love/hate relationship with this project... :)
I loved it, because I could put in all my crazy/weird ideas, so in a sense it was a sandbox to try out new things (my favourite was the slow motion :D), but on the other hand I hated it so much, because there were parts, that I just couldn't make work (online multiplayer for example). My biggest mistake was, that I wanted to make everything alone, which wasn't a very good idea, it caused burnout, and I couldn't even work on other projects at all for months... so, yeah, I think I made a good decision, to stop this madness... :D

I already have an idea for a game with these characters, but it will be in a different genre, and it will be a 1000% single player, for the sake of my mental health! XD


Yeah i know the feel for burning out on a project, got into a similar mood after failing to meet a jam deadline, but got back on track on another one and then went back to a project i said i'll finish XD 

Cool if you already have an idea to revamp this project, and it's wise to do anything best for your mental health :)

Yeah, I'm trying to mix things up a bit, so I won't end up in an asylum... :D


XD well that's solo game making in a nutshell trying to balance that mental health