Double Jump & Slow Motion

Added double jump and an ability to slow down time.
When you are in mid-air, press jump again, to do a front flip and jump even higher. During the flip your character can shoot in any direction it's heading. To make the aiming easier I also added an ability to slow down the time for a few seconds.


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Sep 17, 2019

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Wow, just tested this and i gotta say the slow motion's a really cool addition, pairing it with the double jump/flip feels super sweet with the added opportunity of skillshots XD Although i don't know how the slow mo could balance out in multiplayer.

The speed and movement is better now also, and i like the extra leaning when you reach max speed gives a bit more life to the potatoes :)

I'm planning to add a cooldown time for the slow motion, so players can't just use it all the time. And only one player will be able to use it at a time, so others have to wait until it finishes.
I started to add little animations to the characters (still working on it), and I just realized now, that they have no eyes! Next update: googly eyes in slow motion! :D


Makes sense, cause this type of mechanic while a blast in singleplayer can really turn into unpredictable mayhem if unrestricted in multiplayer :p 

Cool that you plan to add more animations, also the googly eyes are definitively the top priority feature hehe XD I'll keep an eye out for the next update then :)