GUI update & Animations

The game finally has a somewhat decent GUI.  The characters have a health bar, it shows the player's name in the middle, the death count on the left with red, and the kill count on the right with green. Below that the players can check the ammo. (It's not the final look, just for testing.)

The characters got some morphing animations based on their movement, and also got their googly eyes back. The text above them now stays still even when they are spinning which makes it easier to identify them.
(The eyes are a bit glitchy, when the characters are moving fast, I'm trying to fix it.)

I made the platforms to one-way platforms, so you can jump through and land on top of them. I'm not sure which one I prefer better, so I will probably add a menu option later to pick between one-way and solid platforms.

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Sep 25, 2019

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The googly eyes are glorious :p !

On a more serious note, the one way through platforms are really a good addition, this will improve the pacing and allow some "think fast" movement planning in multiplayer, i'd say gameplay wise the only thing left here that could be tweaked is that you can have the player jump when holding the jump key, i.m.o i think it could be better to have the jump be a "just pressed" key.

Other than that looking real good so far, and the improved UI eventhough you say it's not final, really feels clean and polished :)

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Thank you! :)
I'm about to tweak the jump as well. I want to make it "Mario" like, or how they call it. The idea is, the longer you press the jump button the higher you jump. About the "just_pressed" and "pressed" thing... I personally like the continuous jump version better, but you can't say I'm not listening, so I will add it to the game as an option as well! ;)

There are still many small things to tweak. I want the ammo and the characters to spawn from (semi)random positions, because now they can only spawn from fixed locations, I want to add more types of guns (they will be all kitchen related, not actual guns like now), and I want to add a bit of depth to the level with parallax scrolling, and last but not least my favourites: the lamps! :D
When it's all done, then I will include the character generator.
And then... well... still many things to do... but I love it! :D

Btw, thank you for giving me continuous feedback, it's my biggest project yet, and it really helps me to stay motivated. :)


No problem, your game so you get to decide how the jump should work :) And "mario style" jump where holding the button determines jump heigt is a good idea, i'll see what its like whenever you add it then.

Yeah random ammo position could be cool since you plan this to be mainly multiplayer, can prevent having people camp on known ammo spawn points so good planning there XD. The kitchen themed weapons is a really neat idea ! especially if you go wild with it and make some creative weapons out of it :p (even if its a different gameplay, you could totally have crazy weapons the likes of team17's Worms) eventhough i think the classics are a bit unavoidable for these games still you can have them fit the theme. Parralax scrolling would be cool too for sure ^^ and the character generator will also definitively add to the humor, curious to see what you'll come up with there.

No problem dude, i usually reply a bit late but whenever i can i try to go give some feedback on the projects i follow here, i think it's part of the indie experience to go and help out eachother and (hopefully) feedback contributes to that in a way :p