Little Update

I planned to upload a demo last week, but while I was refactoring the game, I successfully break the whole thing. I started again from scratch, and since now I know what I am doing, I can optimize the old (very) messy codebase. To begin, the player controller is way simpler now, and can be easily scaled to handle 2 to 8 players on a single computer (with 8 different controllers). The character creator got a redesign as well.
If everything goes well, a demo is coming for sure, in a few days.

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Nice to see an update ^^ can totally understand that feeling when you push a feature and everything breaks :p but hey that's the joy of gamedev (insert bob ross equivalent for coding here) 

good luck with your demo build then :)

The funny thing is, that I usually break things when I try clean up the code.
When I just mindlessly add new features without caring much about optimization, it's less likely to break... :D


yeah optimization can be a pain (well at least to me as a beginer :p) well i guess here it was even more since you said you started again from scratch O.o, but as long as things work out well that's what matters :)