First Demo is Released!

The first demo is up. I left out many things from this one that are currently available in the Master version, because I want to be sure that everything is working as intended (see the previous post for details). From now on I'm planning to upgrade the demo at least once a week.
In the current version there are two players who need to hunt down each other. If a player has less than 10 bullets they can pick up a box which gives them +10. There is no end goal yet, the game is going on forever. I'm just curious how the game feels in the current state, what feels good, what feels bad, etc. Any feedback is welcome. :)
The graphics are obviously not final and there are no sounds yet, I usually add them them last when everything is ready.


F2 - restart
F11 - fullscreen

Player 01:
A, D  - move left or right
W - jump
Space - shoot

Player 02:
cursor keys left, right - move left or right
cursor key up - jump
Enter - shoot

It also supports controllers:
D-pad left, right or left analog stick moved to left, right - move left or right
PS "Cross" / XBox "A" - jump
PS "Circle" / XBox "B" - shoot


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Sep 14, 2019

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